Pizzeria Wieliczka

The best pizza in Wieliczka

Pizzeria Kinga in Wieliczka is well known for its extremely aromatic and delicious pizza and fantastic sauces, which are prepared every day from its own recipes. The pizzeria menu offers pizzas in 16 different compositions and in 2 sizes. Our chefs do their best to make sure that the offer includes both pizzas with traditional ingredients and those targeted at customers with more demanding tastes. You can also create your own pizza by choosing the ingredients available in our pizzeria. In our kitchen we use only carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality from reliable suppliers. The pizza from Pizzeria Kinga can be served on the spot or delivered to the indicated address. Delivery in Wieliczka is for free. Come and enjoy our delicious pizza, intimate atmosphere of our pizzeria and a glass of good wine.

Delicious pizza for all tastes

Fast delivery, the best quality ingredients and perfectly baked dough are the characteristics we are known for among the citizens of Wieliczka.

Current promotions in our pizzeria

  • LUNCH TIME! – each large pizza for only 23,00 zł – offer valid every day until 16:00.
    Choose pizza sauce for 1,00 zł.
  • Order a large pizza – you get the second one for only 20,00 zł.
    The second pizza cannot be more expensive than the first one.
  • Order a large pizza at a place – you get a 15% discount! The offer is valid until further notice.
  • When ordering a pizza we offer you a 1 liter of soft drink (Coca Cola, fanta, Sprite) for only 4,50 zł.

Remember about the promotion while ordering a pizza. Promotions cannot be combined.

All the pizza lovers are invited to our pizzeria in Wieliczka. Special promotions and delicious pizza are waiting for all of you!

O R D E R !      12 – 2 8 4 – 6 4 – 0 7      OR      7 9 0 – 5 5 5 – 9 2 1 

  • P I Z Z A

    32 Cm

    45 cm

     1. MARGHERITA  sauce, cheese, oregano. 16,00 22,00
     2. MARGHERITA EXTRA sauce, sliced italian mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, rocket, oregano. 17,00 25,00
    3.  FUNGHI  Sauce, cheese, mushrooms, oregano. 17,00 23,00
     4.  WIEJSKA Sauce, mushrooms, sausage, pickled cucumbers, onion, oregano. 23,00 28,00
    5. CAPRICIOSA Sauce, cheese, ham, mushrooms, oregano. 20,00 25,00
    6. PRIMAVERA Sauce, cheese, salami, mushrooms, oregano. 21,00 26,00
    7. UCZTA SEROWA Sauce, four cheese, oregano. 23,00 28,00
    8. AMERICANA  Sauce, cheese, pepperoni, onion, jalapeño pepper, oregano. 21,00 26,00
    9. TUNA  Sauce, cheese, tuna, white onion, mushrooms, corn, oregano. 22,00 27,00
    10. POLLO Sauce, cheese, onion, chicken, mushrooms, corn, oregano. 22,00 27,00
    11.  KEBAB Sauce, cheese, onion, kebab salad (tomato, cucumber, chinese leaves, garlic sauce), chicken or pork. 24,00 29,00
    12. POLSKA Sauce, cheese, mushrooms, salami, chicken, ham, spring onion, pickled cucumber, corn, red onion, pepper. 26,00 32,00
    13. CHORIZO Sauce, cheese, chorizo, mushrooms, oregano. 27,00 33,00
    14. MIĘSNE ELDORADO Sauce, cheese, bacon, pork, chicken, salami, onion 19,00 35,00
    15. DIABLO Sauce, cheese, garlic, tomato, onion, mushrooms, jalapeño pepper, salami, ham, tabasco, oregano. 28,00 32,00
    Pizza toppings 32 cm 45 cm
    Meat 3,00 zł 4,00 zł
    Mozzarella cheese 3,00 zł 4,00 zł
    Vegetables 2,00 zł 3,00 zł
    Ketchup 1,00 zł 1,00 zł
    Garlic sauce 2,00 zł 2,00 zł

Prices in the restaurant.