Polish and international cuisine

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Soup of the day 5,OOzł
Broth 6,00zł
Tomato soup with noodles 6,00zł
Beetroot soup  
  clear 4,00zł
  with ravioli 8,OOzł
  with meat croquette 10,00zł

MEAT DISHES (served with potatoes and a set of salads)

Chicken Kiev 19,00zł
Breaded chicken cutlet 18,OOzł
Crispy chicken roulade 20,OOzł
Breaded pork cutlet 18,OOzł
Grilled chicken fillet baked with spinach and blue cheese 22,00zł
Chicken breast with mushrooms or pineapple baked with cheese 21,OOzł
Chicken fillet baked with mozzarella cheese (balls) and tomatoes 20,OOzł
Paupiette with mushroom or dill sauce 18,OOzł
Cutlets with Gravy 19,00zł

V A R I O U S   D I S H E S

Potato pancakes: – Clear 8,00zł
  – with beef stew and a set of salads 22,00zł
  – with creamy mushroom sauce 15,00zł
Pan-fried sausage with onion, bread 12,00zł
Sweet pancakes with cottage cheese or nutella 10,00zł
Sweet pancakes with jam 8,50zł



Lettuce, grilled chicken fillet, pineapple, corn, blue cheese, vinaigrette

Sałatka Kingi

Lettuce, red onion, cherry tomatoes, carrot, crispy breaded chicken or grilled chicken, vinaigrette


Lettuce, garlic sauce, roasted bacon, grilled chicken breast, croutons



Garlic butter grilled salmon 22,00zł
Baked halibut 22,00zł
Breaded sole 14,50zł

H O M E – M A D E    D U M P L I N G S

With meat 12,50zł
With cottage cheese, potatoes and onion 12,50zł
With mushrooms and feta cheese 12,50zł
With spinach 12,00zł
With fruit 12,50zł
With sweet cottage cheese 12,50zł


Potatoes with butter and dill 4,00zł
Krakow-style potatoes 5,00zł
Baked potatoes with thyme 5,00zł
French fries 4,50zł
Portion of bread l,50zł
Buckwheat 4,00zł
Rice 4,00zł 


Set of salads 4,50zł
Fried cabbage 4,50zł
Beetroot salad 4,00zł
Peas and carrots (served hot) 5,00zł
Chinese leaf salad 4,00zł
Steamed vegetables 6,00zł
Cucumber salad (seasonal) 4,00zł


Verona                                                                      Tagliatelle, spinach, chicken, tomato sauce 20,0Ozł
Penne di polo

Penne, chicken, bacon, onion, parsley, cream sauce

Tagliatelle with pork and porcini mushrooms 22,00zł

C A L Z O N E – Served with garlic sauce

With chicken 17,00zł
With spinach 16,00zł
With chorizo and mozzarella ball 17,00zł

All the pizza lovers are invited to our pizzeria in Wieliczka. Special promotions and delicious pizza are waiting for all of you!


32 Cm

45 cm

 1. MARGHERITA  sauce, cheese, oregano. 16,00 22,00
 2. MARGHERITA EXTRA sauce, sliced italian mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, rocket, oregano. 17,00 25,00
3.  FUNGHI  Sauce, cheese, mushrooms, oregano. 17,00 23,00
 4.  WIEJSKA Sauce, mushrooms, sausage, pickled cucumbers, onion, oregano. 23,00 28,00
5. CAPRICIOSA Sauce, cheese, ham, mushrooms, oregano. 20,00 25,00
6. PRIMAVERA Sauce, cheese, salami, mushrooms, oregano. 21,00 26,00
7. UCZTA SEROWA Sauce, four cheese, oregano. 23,00 28,00
8. AMERICANA  Sauce, cheese, pepperoni, onion, jalapeño pepper, oregano. 21,00 26,00
9. TUNA  Sauce, cheese, tuna, white onion, mushrooms, corn, oregano. 22,00 27,00
10. POLLO Sauce, cheese, onion, chicken, mushrooms, corn, oregano. 22,00 27,00
11.  KEBAB Sauce, cheese, onion, kebab salad (tomato, cucumber, chinese leaves, garlic sauce), chicken or pork. 24,00 29,00
12. POLSKA Sauce, cheese, mushrooms, salami, chicken, ham, spring onion, pickled cucumber, corn, red onion, pepper. 26,00 32,00
13. CHORIZO Sauce, cheese, chorizo, mushrooms, oregano. 27,00 33,00
14. MIĘSNE ELDORADO Sauce, cheese, bacon, pork, chicken, salami, onion 19,00 35,00
15. DIABLO Sauce, cheese, garlic, tomato, onion, mushrooms, jalapeño pepper, salami, ham, tabasco, oregano. 28,00 32,00
Pizza toppings 32 cm 45 cm
Meat 3,00 zł 4,00 zł
Mozzarella cheese 3,00 zł 4,00 zł
Vegetables 2,00 zł 3,00 zł
Ketchup 1,00 zł 1,00 zł
Garlic sauce 2,00 zł 2,00 zł


LUNCH TIME! –  Each large pizza for only 23,00 zł – offer valid every day until 16:00.
Choose pizza sauce for 1,00 zł.

Order a large pizza – you get the second one for only 20,00 zł.
The second pizza cannot be more expensive than the first one.

Order a large pizza at a place – you get a 15% discount!
The offer is valid until further notice.

When ordering a pizza we offer you a 1 liter of soft drink (Coca Cola, fanta, Sprite) for only 4,50 zł.

Remember about the promotion while ordering a pizza. Promotions cannot be combined.
Fresh, nutritious and tasty dishes of the day will satisfy even the most demanding clients! Dishes of the day (offer valid from 04/11/2019) at PLN 19.00 (the whole set). The second course alone at PLN 16.00! Don’t hesitate! Call and order!

Call! Order!

12-284-64-07 or 790-555-921

Poniedziałek                         zupa dnia +

  1. Udko bez kości w panierce, frytki, surówka.
  2. Zapiekane schabowe, ziemniaki, surówka.
  3. Naleśniki z budyniem.

Wtorek                                   zupa dnia +

  1. Gulasz drobiowy z zielonym groszkiem, ryż
  2. Bitki z karkówki z cebulą, kasza, surówka
  3. Czeskie knedliczki z masłem

Środa                                      zupa dnia +

  1. Kurczak w serowej panierce, ziemniaki opiekane, surówka.
  2. Schab w sosie koperkowym, ziemniaki, surówka
  3. Sałatka vege

Czwartek                      zupa dnia +

  1. Podhalańskie udka z kurczaka z pieczarkami, ziemniaki, surówka
  2. Placki ziemniaczane z gulaszem wieprzowym
  3. Spaghetti Napoli

Piątek                                      zupa dnia +

  1. Ryba panierowana, frytki, surówka
  2. Kotlety mielone, ziemniaki, surówka.
  3. Langosz ze śmietaną

The dish of the day is served from Monday to Friday until 17:00. The whole set includes: soup + second course, at PLN 19.00. The second course itself costs PLN 16.00. Leaflet code 0919. The minimum order value in Wieliczka is PLN 30.00. The offer is valid from November 4, 2019. The cost of packaging is added to each dish: PLN 0.50 for the soup, second course – PLN 0.50, pizza – PLN 1. The above information is not a commercial offer. The offer is valid until a new one is issued. Information: According to the amendment to the act, from the 1st of January 2018 plastic bags will be subject to a fee (so-called recycling fee) in the amount of 30 groszy, which will be added to the service.