Oriental cuisine

Oriental cuisine :

Spring rolls with Nuoc Cham sauce (3 pieces) and salad 9,50 zł
Meat dishes (with rice and salad)
Chicken Thailand* 19,00zł
Crispy chicken* 20,00zł
Vietnamese chicken* 20,00zł
Chicken in sweet and sour sauce* 20,00zł
Pork in five flavours* 20,00zł
Pork with vegetables* 20,00zł
* dishes served at the restaurant on a hot platter
The cost of packaging is added to each dish: PLN 0.50 for the soup, second course – PLN 0.50, pizza – PLN 1. The above information is not a commercial offer. The offer is valid until a new one is issued. Information: According to the amendment to the act, from the 1st of January 2018 plastic bags will be subject to a fee (so-called recycling fee) in the amount of 30 groszy, which will be added to the service.